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La Chapelle Grenoble

Integrated in the baths clinic Since its creation at the end of the 19th century THE CHAPEL OF THE RUE DES BAINS was consecrated until the end of the 70s Many Grenoble were baptized there and today this new restaurant directed by Flore Pavy and Fernando Torres has lost nothing of its apparent mystique Stained-glass windows, wide spaces, high ceilings and balcony overlooking the Choir We are in the middle of a rare and captivating place transformed by the team of the 5 of here Grenoble and the castle of VEYRIE It is good to live the places are full of stories and the future announces rich in evenings and other moments of privatization #chapellejadore #upcyclingisgoodforyou #youhavebeenonepetit A very mobile map and a real taste for novelties A yes we forgot LA CHAPELLE is partner of the operation Etoiles solidaires de the Fleche Chancho Food Bank are waiting for you!

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